Our Services

Below are our service offerings.


This is to determine the monetary worth of properties which guides an investor in taking a decision. The purpose of a valuation is the stated reason and scope of the valuation assignment. It is established by the client and it points to the information that the client’s questions are clearly understood, the purpose of the valuation can be described in terms of the information requested.
When an opinion of value is required in a valuation, the type of value sought must be defined at the outset.


This involves identifying of the client’s choice property based on the type of use and the location sought for either for outright purchase or leasing.
This also involves the documentation of the transactions as it is key to have every transaction in real estate in writing and well documented.

Ensuring that the choice properties identified for our client are logically concluded, guaranteeing satisfaction to clients, either as a buyer or tenant.


This entails a prudent and most efficient approach to handling project of any magnitude with special focus on real estate.
Our involvement from the conceptualization stage with client and proper modification based on our experience assist our clients to reduce inefficiencies, reduces project disruption and reduces cost.


We also offer other range of professional services which include:

  • Corporate real estate asset services, site selection and leasing renewal and negotiation, property acquisition and disposal.
  • Project site identification and land proper documentation
  • Effective administration of leases involving landlord and tenants
  • Ascertaining viabilities of property ensuring detailed feasibility and viability studies on every project.
  • Real estate asset management; asset administration and real estate brokerage and appraisal services.

Pre and post transactional services; sales documentation, inspection and title transfer deed